soaking it up and kicking it out

Yesterday was windy. Reeeally windy. High wind advisory windy. While doing chores I noticed the sun peeking through the cracks of the south barn door. I thought I would check to see if by chance it was a warming sun, or if the howling winds would blast me. Temps were in the 30's F, plus wind factor. I didn't get my hope up. Much to my delight, it was a warming sun - with no wind!! 

january 8

I took my sweet time doing chores, and found extra things I could do so I could bask in the sun. I took my old saddle out to take a closer look at what I thought was mold regrowing. It wasn't, it was excess product. I let the saddle warm up in the sun. First one side and then the other, and worked it in/off. I've never been that happy to clean tack before! Wow that sun felt super good!! It all but made me sweat. The barn door stayed open the whole time I was picking stalls & wiping my saddle!

It started to cloud over, just as I finished everything up. I closed the south door and checked our barn thermometer. Temp had only dropped 1-2 degrees. It was a pleasant 48F. Not bad for an unheated barn!

Whodathunk I could leave barn doors wide open in January in Wisconsin?!

I bundled up and headed outside. The horses were crazy! Not that I blame them. The shed would make the most unusual loud whistling sound, every time the wind picked up. They would start spinning and running, and stop, at will. I caught a tiny bit of the horse action from the house. Mostly Nemo's shenanigans, but they were all busting moves with one gust or another.

nemo's reaction to koda's previous antics
harmony is a power house,
but wisely reserves it for key times
nemo kickin' it up

nemo powering up

It's so fun to watch our horses interact to the environment, as well as each other. Koda always runs. He is typically first. Nemo likes to "stir the pot" and is typically last, but not always. Harmony's response frequently looks similar to "why are you silly boys running"?? 

I absolutely love watching our little herd!!


Shirley said...

It is a nice winter- so far!
I was watching silly horse moves this morning, we got snow- finally- and the young horses were stirring the pot.

C-ingspots said...

Too funny! That's what we call it around our place too..."stirring the pot". Or, Harley used to be our "fly in the ointment". :) Glad you had a good day. Our winter so far hasn't been bad at all. Warm and lately, quite wet. The horses are sportin' mud!

Linda said...

Those are some happy horses! Your barn breezeway View looks lovely, too. We are also having a mild winter so far, but I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Grey Horse Matters said...

We’ve been having warmer temps too. Yesterday was super windy and we had a thunderstorm with lightning! Supposed to snow tonight but I’ll take it I’m sick of rain and muddy horses. Love your pictures! They look like they’re having fun, kicking it up.

Leah said...

That is a perfectly nice day for kicking up your hills especially for January. Here in MN we are now preparing for a few "real winter" cold days - stay warm. Your barn looks fabulous!!