gotta love reactions

We just wrapped up show 2 of 4 this season. I've been answering a lot of general questions about shows to non-horse people. The top five things that surprise them the most are:

1) length of the show...five days long - really? Yes, and longer. 

2) points vs awards...
can't believe people show just for points. It's more then that!

3) unpredictable schedule...b
e prepared to wait for hours, possibly into the wee hours...results in a shocked look. 

4) variety of classes...
there are different disciplines/classes/age groups? Duh.

5) many competitors stay overnight on show grounds...yes, trailers can have living quarters

People are so funny. Gotta love their reactions!


On a related note, Brad & Cierra had a good show. They practiced trail during a couple lessons between the first & second show, and it payed off. They took second out of six, under both judges - and earned his first trail point! His ride wasn't perfect, but the pattern was a hard one. I am really proud of him! He is showing against a tough experienced group, who show way more then he does. Most have older horses. Brad & Cierra also picked up 6 more conformation points. Cierra has been dubbed "the diva" by barn mates. 

Here they are doing the trail pattern:


Shirley said...

Well done Brad! Cierra is getting to be a pretty nice horse.

Grey Horse Matters said...

Congratulations Brad ad Cierra! That's a great accomplishment.

aurora said...

It's been fun watching them evolve as a team, and the rides getting softer & cleaner. Not an easy task on a looky fast horse. Because I know them all so well (horse, trainer and of course my husband) and see a lot of their riding, including some lessons - I am able to offer some helpful suggestions. The sweet part is, he is actually listening. Makes me feel a part of the team. Who doesn't love that?!!

Linda said...

Wow!! Such partnership. She is really listening to him on where to put those feet. That rope gate is harder than it looks. My horses get scared of the rope. I'm in awe.