winter walkabout

There isn't a whole lot for me to do up at our land in the middle of winter. While Brad was tending to the never ending fire, I decided to be a kid at heart and plopped down on what little sparkly snow we have to do this...

"Now" day 15/365 day photo challenge

The time is now, to fly, to be myself, to make a change and live our dreams. 

I forgot how hard it was to get up from making a snow angel without messing up the legs! When was the last time you made a snow angel? If you've got snow, do it!! I promise it will make you laugh, and um get a little wet. It's worth it!! If you end up going for it, I want to see pictures of your snow angel!

I also wrote this in the snow, on top of the barn foundation...

My Snow Angel is at the end of 2017
and some bunnies tracks are at the top

the burn pile is a lot smaller
Once Brad was done playing with fire, we went for a hike in the woods. It was a beautiful winter day! I love how the sun shines through the pines, so pretty!!

Snow makes tracks easy to pick out. We saw squirrel, rabbit, deer and coyote. Not sure where all the turkey went? We also found cross country ski tracks. We knew there was a women who had permission previous years to ski the property. I am sure we will run into her eventually. I don't mind sharing our land with friendly neighbors, but I do want to know who uses it. 

Instead of our usual route weaving through all the pine paths, we headed out of the woods and took the lower path across from our building site. I don't walk this path much. Our son cleared it enough so we could ride the horses last Spring, but we were not able to get back to working on it. It's pretty uneven.
Our house site is much further away then the photo makes it look.

Our son had opened up the end of the lower path,
so we could get back to the field.
Further down, there is a small patch of woods in a quiet hidden area. I could see putting a bench there, or just a place to hang out. It's very serene. Once we move, I told Brad if he's looking for me I'll be here. But first, we have to clean up the junk someone left. There is an old appliance, tires etc. Looks like it was a kids fort years ago, or maybe a ground blind.

In the photo below, Brad is walking near the edge of our property. Ours is to the left, he is looking for our property marker. In the distance are cows, and one of our neighbors that we haven't met yet. We really wanted to walk over and introduce ourselves, but that would have meant trespassing. It was pretty far away and he was busy working with his cattle anyways. 

I love the views from the back end of our property,
it's all farm land. 
Eventually we turned around and headed back to the truck. We ducked under our fence to take the field back up the hill. Part of this field will become the horses pasture. We have to figure out how much, and the configuration. It's a hard decision.

 southwest corner of our largest field
our woods
We paused, and paused again. In deep thought. So much to think about, so much to do...


Grey Horse Matters said...

Love the snow angel! Next time you should make a snowman ;) your property is beautiful. Once the tires and whatnot is cleaned out that's a perfect spot to enjoy relaxation. Your cross country skier seems like a non- threatening visitor. We used to have hunters come on the property when we first moved in and told them it wasn't a good idea with the horses in the pastures. Most of them respected our wishes however some still snuck in. Left gates open so the horses escaped a few times etc. when you do meet your skier you might want yo put some rules in place about gates and spooking horses and anything else you can think of for their safety and hers.

Shirley said...

Oh how wonderful to have your problems! Where to pasture, where to set up a quiet spot.... You are really going to enjoy it all once you move there.
Really nicely done snow angel!

aurora said...

I haven't made a snowman in forever Arliene, that would be fun too! Wish we had decent snow. I am sure the cross country skier is friendly & just doesn't realize the land has changed hands. I hear you on setting boundaries with users, for everyone's safety.

I agree Shirley, these are wonderful problems to have! Our move is coming up fast, and yet so far away - I still can't fathom how this is all going to come together?!!

Sherry Sikstrom said...

what a lovely walk! I haven't made a snow angel in forever!

Linda said...

The last time I made a snow angel was when I jumped out of our hot tub and then right back in. I did that once, and once was enough. I do envy you the planning and dreaming. You're smart to put lots of thought into it ahead and not rush. You're going to be living with your choices, hopefully, for a long time, and you'll be thankful.