roll in the fog

It has been wet, warmish and gray for what feels like forever. When warm meets cold, it creates what I call pea soup. Fog, mist, standing water and mud. Lot's of mud. The animals don't seem to mind as much as we humans do. 

This type of weather is where the value of mud boots becomes priceless. I got a sturdy pair years ago for doing chores, when the horses lived on the family farm by us. Which seems like such a long time ago... I can't remember the last time I used my mud boots? Until now. Let's just say they will once again be put to good use.

I think our new neighbors thought we were nuts to be out walking in "pea soup". On the other hand, we thought it was a perfect mild day for it! We had fields to measure, and plans to make!! So mud walking we did, and got soaked. My boots didn't fail me, but the left over alfalfa stalks were knee high. At least it wasn't cold.

We walked, and walked, and walked around the perimeter of three of our five fields. Brad rolled the distance measuring wheel, and I carried the clipboard with land map in hand to write down measurements. It was a tough job, but someone had to do it ;)

Field 1 is by the road
(Brad is on the right, in the distance)

Field 2
We will use a small portion for an outdoor riding arena
(Brad is on the left, in the distance)

Field 4 is our largest & most scenic.
Our house will back up to it and
a portion will become horse pasture
We found one of two low spots on our land.
This one is at the bottom of Field 4.
The other
standing water is in the same field, different area.
 We were happy to see both were very minor considering the conditions.

The fog was so pretty, when we were done measuring I walked back out to field 4 to take a couple more shots...
Field 4
Field 4

Below is a foggy shot from my backyard, where we live now. I am going to miss my bird tree. It is right outside our bedroom. The branches block the windows on the second floor, so we don't need curtains and enjoy a birds eye view. 

My Neighborhood ~ Day 20/365
I am taking as many photos as I can of the things I love about our home of 18 years, and using them for the daily photo challenge I am doing. Looks like I am going to make it to the end of the first month!! 

Exciting news, they are starting on our barn next week! Not so exciting news, we got the bid for the attached indoor riding arena. Gulp!! We knew that it would have to wait a few years. You know the saying, Rome wasn't built in a day. They weren't kidding! One thing at a time.


Grey Horse Matters said...

I call it pea soup too. But I love taking pictures in the fog. Sometimes I think they look better as black and white. Really, like your bird tree. I get attached to trees and shrubs too. And yes, the indoor is going to cost a fortune. That was the most expensive thing we've ever done on the farm. Good luck.

aurora said...

Foggy photos are so moody, and look awesome in black in white! I've tried several of my photos lately as black & white (which I love) because of the emotion attached to them, but end up opting for the color version. I get caught up in the lovely muted winter shades. I can't wait to take photos of our horses in the fog!!! As for the indoor arena, we don't want to compromise on anything. Instead we prefer to wait until we can build it the way we want. It's a one shot deal at this point in our lives.

C-ingspots said...

Yep, pea soup! That's what we call it too. :) We have so many days like that here, and I prefer them to rain. I pretty much prefer everything to rain - water falling from the sky is yucky. We've had some sunny days, and many foggy days as well - very little rain for a couple weeks now. Yay!! Went to the beach last w/e and it was beautiful...sunshine, no wind and sweatshirt warmth. Perfect!
Your plans are coming along nicely. No, Rome wasn't built in a day. You have the rest of your lives to make your new home perfect.

Sherry Sikstrom said...

we have had a lot of fog and hoar frost lately,pretty but chilly! Great news about the barn.I hear you on the costs for an arena, I wish I could have one,maybe someday

Linda said...

I may appreciate these photos more in the summer! LOL. We've had enough pea soup to drive us all batty!! Congrats on the barn. What was your estimate for the arena? I'd guess 50-100K. I've dreamt of one but settled on my neighbor's. Most days, that works out good for me.

aurora said...

Come to think of it Sherry, I haven't seen hoar frost this season. I truly hope you get your indoor someday, just think of the possibilities!

Linda, we sure have had a mixed bag of weather this winter. Sounds like you've got a good close indoor option, lucky you! A decent sized arena will cost more, at least around here. Of course it all depends on location & unlimited variables. All I can say to anyone thinking of building one is do it sooner then later, the cost doesn't go down.