roller coaster riding

Peaks and valleys, wonderful straight smooth stretches, and bumps. Lotsa bumps. Let's not forget the turns. The ones you can almost see while approaching, but not quite. Until you are actually turning. What follows could be a welcomed sight, or the ride could start all over again. On a different path. Some paths are more challenging then the last, or shorter and get over quickly. But most of the challenges, feel like they will never end. It's then that I've wanted to get off the ride, but a person can't just get off anywhere.

Koda (Fall 2014)

Koda continues to have a knack for providing endless challenges. After the anguish of trying to figure out why everything feels like it's falling apart, once again, he reaches over and gently rests his head on my shoulder. Giving me a sweet-sweet horsey hug...sigh...not revealing any answers, but instead hope. Perhaps he knows I'm trying. All I know is, it's worth the ride. Peaks, valleys and bumps included.


C-ingspots said...

That is the journey, complete with trials, tribulations and triumphs. It's all enjoyable and valuable...I think they call that the journey of horsemanship. :) Or, some days we're the windshield and some days we're the bug!! The horsey hug is always priceless. Good to hear from you!

Shirley said...

They can be frustrating but they always have something to teach you and they are always good for your heart.

fernvalley01 said...

hang in there, you may be too close to it to see but you both have come a long way,and the hiccups are there to teach us, its just hard to know sometime what the lesson is till you learn it