Our February Trail Challenge has been postponed. It was sure to be filled with hearts, laughter, and maybe even a cupids arrow of some kind? They always come up with something fun. Rescheduling was probably a good thing for us. We haven't ridden in well over a week, due mostly to the bitter cold. Yesterday I woke to -6.7F (wind chill was much colder). All this winter going on, and we still have no snow to play in at home. Boo hoo!!

We did go visit our horses during this arctic blast, helped move hay & worked on the arena. Our horses rarely get handed treats, but occasionally we bring them something fresh. Cierra wasn't too thrilled with the apple slices, apparently she is more of a carrot girl. Koda & Nemo on the other hand couldn't get enough of the gala apples.

The challenge is tentatively reschedule for the last weekend in February, if Mother Nature cooperates. If she doesn't, a month gets tacked on in the spring. Warmer month challenges are held outside in a huge reining style arena...I can only imagine *^*

It will feel good to get back in the saddle again. I'm curious what kind of a horse I'll find after this unplanned break. Koda does much better with regular riding, as most do. Regardless, I can't wait to get back to a riding routine - hopefully in tolerable weather!!

Cierra & Koda
August 2014


Shirley said...

Those trail challenges sound like fun. Hope Koda will be good when you finally get back to riding.

C-ingspots said...

Well over a week huh? Wish I could say it had been only that length of time since I'd rode my horse. *sigh* Try last fall...my life is too busy to suit me. One of these days, when my house is finished and I don't work full-time...maybe I'll have more personal time. So sorry to hear about your ghastly cold weather! Good grief, that's cold! I've been following some blogs where people are having to dig out from excessive snow daily!! Maybe count your blessings.

Grey Horse Matters said...

The challenge sounds like fun. I'm sure when you finally get to do it you will all have a blast.

Living in the northeast I can tell you that maybe you don't want so much snow. We've got both the arctic chill and the snow and it's not much fun. Was only -2 this morning but felt like -20 they say. In for more snow tonight too. This winter is getting really old.