spontaneous moments

Sunday we experienced one of those rare spontaneous moments, when things slow down enough to enjoy life's simple treasures and the company of others. We went to the barn to ride as we often do, and ended up taking an unexpected first trail ride of the season! 

Four of us warmed up in the outdoor arena. Brad rode Nemo, Trainer Patty rode Cierra, her brand new employee "H" rode Zeek (an older horse that is being re-homed) and of course I rode Koda.

The resident dalmatian puppy came along for his first trail ride ever, as we headed out to ride in Koda & Nemo's current turn out pasture. I took a short video (with sound) of Brad & Nemo and Patty & Cierra loping in the far corner. 

It wasn't long before we left the pasture and rode up the farm lane, right next to a rambunctious colt who was doing his best acrobatic moves and racing the fence line. All the horses were understandably a bit look-y. We rode past other farm obstacles, on the way up to a small wooded area. We found crunching leaves, fresh smells, branches to ride under/over, twists, dips and turns that we rode up, over and around. We had not ridden in this wooded area before, it wasn't big but had a nice variety of trail stuff to experience.

Below is a photo of us on our way back from the woods. We paused for Patty to briefly ride Zeek, and show her employee a better way to communicate with him. 

Cierra, Nemo, Zeek, Koda (L-R)

The horses all did great overall, only one chain reaction spook caused by the rowdy pastured colt on the way back. We were especially proud of Cierra, the youngest horse on her second farm/trail ride ever. Everyone was all smiles, even the horses seemed happy to be doing something different. It was a great way to begin the trail riding season!!


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aurora said...

Thanks Sherry, it turned out to be a fun spring day!

C-ingspots said...

Sounds wonderful, glad you had a good ride.

aurora said...

Me too, Lorie! Hope you are enjoying your spring!!