time for some sunshine

Thank you Tails from Provence for awarding me the Sunshine Award! I went to see what the sunshine was all about, and learned interesting things! Check out the beautiful photos, inspiration and humor Tails from Provence shares and while you are at it, vote for her deserving blog in the HayNet 2012 Blogger of the Year competition!!

The sunshine award goes to “bloggers who positively and creatively inspire others in the blogosphere.” I'll do my best to follow the rules, altho I may will bend the last one.

1) First, the nominee must thank the blogger that nominated them and link to their blog.

2) Then, answer a list of ten questions and post them on the awarded blog.

1. Do you prefer Mares or Geldings? 
Doesn't really matter, altho I seem to partner better with Geldings

2. English or Western?

3. Do you prefer “younger” or “older” horses?
Younger, well-trained horses. 

4. Have you ever trained a horse from ground zero?
No, I've done parts with guidance. I enjoy working with young horses. Maybe someday?

5. Do you prefer riding or ground work?
Riding, but I believe in the importance of ground work

6. Do you board your horse or keep it at home? 
We switched to full-time boarding this year. Like everything, it has it's plus & minuses

7. Do you do all natural things or commercial stuff?
A blend of our own

8. All Tacked up or Bareback?
Tacked up, altho I would like to do more bareback riding

9. Equestrian model?
None...I've deleted my answer so many times - that is when "the dot-dot-dot" comes in

10. What’s your, one, main goal while being in the horse world? 
To be able to enjoy the endless wonder equine offer, for as long as I can
3) Next the nominee must nominate ten bloggers for the award, and let them know.

I really enjoy the sunshine these listed blogs spread (in no particular order). They keep it real, complete with fantastic photos and stories of life happenings. I can relate to each of them, and feel like I've gotten to know these wonderful folks through blogs:

I hope to get to know the rest of you wonderful bloggers better, for I have no doubt you spread sunshine too! So grab your award and play along, or not ~ you are all winners regardless!! 


Grey Horse Matters said...

Congratulations on your award! Good to get to know you better.

The Dancing Donkey said...

Thank you for the award. I'll have to see how many of the rules I can bre.., ahem, follow:)

Dreaming said...

Thanks for the award. I put up a long overdue post about some awards I have received, including the one you bestowed upon my blog. I am acknowledging the bloggers who gave out the awards on today's post, but I'm choosing not to go through the steps... I guess I am NOT deserving ;-)

Congrats on your award!

aurora said...

Thanks Grey Horse, I look forward to getting to know you better!

It's okay to break the rules, and to not formally accept/play along. Honestly. I would imagine after receiving multiples, awards lose meaning and become nothing more then a hassle. I don't have that problem lol, so for me - it's an honor!

C-ingspots said...

Thank you so much sweetie for thinking of me and my little ole blog! I am honored! :) However...I don't know how to do a link. If you can help me, I'll do my best to play along.

aurora said...

You got it sista!! I am on a Mac, so it might be a tiny bit different on a PC. It also depends on what version of pretty much everything on our ever evolving computers!

Steps to create a link:

1) Copy the webpage address (called a URL) that you want to make a link to.

It can be found near the top of the web browser window. To copy a web page address it has to be highlighted (typically it turns blue).

Click on the address with your mouse, or put your mouse curser at the beginning to hold and drag over the entire address.

One key thing to know is a you have to copy the WHOLE web address.

Before release the mouse, right click. Keep holding the mouse and go down to "Copy" once that word is highlighted, release. Go to Step 2. You can also copy a highlighted address by using keyboard commands (Ctrl + C)

2) Paste the webpage address that you want to make a link to on your blog.

While you are creating/editing your blog post, highlight the words you want to link. With the words highlighted, click on the word "Link" in your toolbox. On mine it is to the left of the "add a photo" button.

Paste the address in the designated Web Address field. My mouse cursor automatically shows up in the field, put it there if yours doesn't. Right click and go down to "Paste" or keyboard commands (Ctrl + V). Click the "Okay" button.

Another key thing to know is a link won't work until it is live/published. In Blogger the default underlines the linked words. You can't test it until after you have published.

Notice how web address's change depending on what web page you are on. In Blogger they auto include the title of the post. Unless you want to link to a specific post/page, you may want the main blog address? Mine is:


Yours is:


Blogger has coded to not show the "http://" beginning of every webpage address, but once you paste it will show up (it is needed).

Copy/Pasting web links is similar in other computer programs.

Hope this helps!! Does your head hurt yet? It sounds complicated, but it isn't once you learn how. I've always believed "we only know what we know". You can't fault someone for what they don't know, instead you teach them :) Feel free to ask here/email me if something doesn't make sense.

Shirley said...

Thanks for thinking of me. I don't do awards but I appreciate that you thought my blog was worthy!

Anonymous said...

Aw thanks for the "Vote for MEEEEE!" push :)
Nice to get to know you better too.

allhorsestuff said...

Hi there sweet thing! That is really special, being nominated!Always a joy to know someone is thinking of you nicely!

I am still working on the catch up post....but will try and follow through, one of these weeks! Liked reading your answers, mine are simular.


Pray you had a wonderful, THANKFUL Thanksgiving time with your loved ones!