quiet your mind

Between the late Fall wind, rain and clouds, an occasional sunny day shows up. They can be rare this time of year. Sunny days give me a burning desire to spend time outside, preferably with our horses, trail riding in the woods. It's all I can think about after returning home from my hot yoga class. I recently ramped up my practice, and altho the instructor offered plenty of challenge - it was the first time I didn't feel like I sweated my vinyasa self into a puddle. Trust me, I had my moments...but came home with renewed energy. 

I decide to forgo all the "should do's" and enjoy the sunny day, and then I realized my saddle was still in hubby's truck. Darn it! My mind started doing the yo-yo thing....it goes something like this: Maybe I should just stay home and get stuff done? But I really don't want to. Who knows when it will be sunny again. Maybe I should call Brad and get my saddle? I don't want to bother him. Do I really want to ride without Brad & Nemo anyways? I want to see my horse! If I show up unannounced, will I even be able to ride? I wonder if the outdoor arena is dry enough to ride in? It's sunny...and just like that, my husband pulls in the driveway. I think he read my mind!

I try to convince him to play hooky & come riding with me, but he can't. Lucky for me, I can. On the long drive up to the barn I damper the uncertainty that creeps up, with the calmness yoga teaches me. If nothing else, I'll hug our horses and snap a few photos. Pictures are so much harder to get now that our horses don't live at the home farm. It really doesn't matter if I ride or not. What matters is that I am taking the time to do what I love, to be with our horses.

It's quiet when I arrive at the barn. One rider getting ready to leave, people dropping off a horse, and me. I guess they knew our trainer would be gone. I certainly don't need her there to ride (no offense). I just prefer someone be on the property if I am going to ride alone. We find her assistant, and she is genuinely happy (and surprised) to see me. She is off to take care of the folks dropping off a horse for training, and I am off to the pasture to get my horse.

Koda & Nemo seem happy to see me. Cierra must have gotten worked earlier, because she was in her stall. It makes it so much easier to get out of the pasture with one horse, because Cierra always wants it to be her. Nemo walks with Koda & I to the gate, just a few soft spoken words then he turns and goes back to grazing. He knows his human is not here. Koda has been so sweet and easy going lately, and meanders to the barn with me.

The outdoor arena was not dry, looks like another indoor ride for us. I still get my dose of sunshine, so much that it blinds me as I round one of the arena corners. It doesn't bother me. Instead I close my eyes, and soak it up as we quietly ride through it... 

We eventually progressed to loping. It was then I realized I had an audience, including a short human. I can feel Koda's eyes migrate to him as we ride past. They all laugh as the little guy automatically steps back, guess the big brown horse flying around got a little bigger by the gate! The little guy must be around two, and doesn't want to leave. He wants to watch me ride, and puts up a short fuss before they head out. It was super cute from where I was!

Koda & I finished up a really nice afternoon! We haven't done much riding alone, and it warms my heart that he trusts me enough to do it willingly. We had zero issues, and he did everything I asked - including left leads. My good boy got to enjoy a short grassy snack before heading into his stall. 

Before I knew it was super time at the barn, and the horses were starting to come in. Nemo called out to me to make sure I didn't forget about him, as if I ever could. When I brought Nemo in from the pasture, he was sugary sweet with a light touch. Not sure what he was saying to me with those expressive eyes of his, but he had such a soft look...

My ride home felt much different then the ride up. My mind was filled with the quiet belief and gratitude, that only horses give you...

my sweet boy


C-ingspots said...

Aaawwww...sweet! We have beautiful sunshine today too, and they say it will last up to a week. :) What is hot yoga?

Grey Horse Matters said...

Sounds wonderful. What a handsome sweet boy you have.

Shirley said...

Yes, I know that feeling! Glad you took the time to ride and had such a lovely bonding time with Koda.

aurora said...

Lorie, I only wish we had a week of sunshine. One day is all we got, but I made the most of it! Hot Yoga is yoga done in a heated room, that is the only difference.

Thank you for the nice comment Grey Horse! It was a special ride for me/us.

Shirley, this ride was rewarding at so many levels. You've read enough here to know I've had my struggles with Koda, and fear. It's days like this that make all those struggles more then worth it!!