weekend warriors

Before the Midwest got slammed with a heatwave, we trailered to our favorite local State Park - Governor Dodge. It's a special place for us. Not only because of it's beautiful varied terrain, but because we took our very first solo trail ride there two years ago, when our boys were 3. It was (is) my dream come true. We never did make it out to those trails last year. It was wonderful to ride them again!

Koda was enjoying the view as much as I was...

lake view

...along with the blanket of white flowers....


... instead of taking the leaning flat bridge that had given us some trouble our first ride, we tried crossing the little steam...first attempt, the boys were hesitant. A fresh pile of poop blocking the path, didn't help my Koda's first try. He might get his feet dirty! They both willingly rode across the leaning bridge instead. We tried crossing the stream from the other side. Nemo was brave and stuck his two front feet in first, then whoosh - with a powerful push from his back end, he finished crossing with a leap!

When it was Koda's turn to cross, he instead chose to carefully walk through the water, even pausing to splash a bit. I think he likes it? On the return crossing, they both calmly walked through the water. I gave Koda full rein, because I think he was trying to drink, or maybe play, or both? Not sure, but it was very cute! I almost pulled out my camera, as we stood in the stream...what a difference a couple years makes! It's amazing how green everything was, we haven't had a drop of rain in forever and a day...


...then came the heatwave. Two weeks of no riding quickly passed. I really missed our weekend rides...

...it's still hot (high 80's) but at least it isn't triple digits anymore. Last weekend we chose an easy trail at Donald's Park, where our boys could get some exercise without grueling hills. There were a lot of trailers when we arrived, apparently everyone else thought it was finally cool enough to ride too. No clue were all those trail riders were, we only ran into a couple, perhaps out on the longer open field trail? 

There was a nice welcome breeze in the prairies, and bonus shade in the woods. Koda continues to think the best place to ride is nose to tail behind Nemo. I don't. I can't see the trail, and don't like him zoning out. I have to consistently ask him not to follow his brother so closely...


...I think he got the memo...


...Koda had his walk on much of the second half of the ride, so we led most of the way back...here's my boy taking in the view from the bridge...


Altho we are heading back into the mid 90's this weekend, I'm hopeful we can saddle up and go exploring?!!

Have a great equine filled weekend!!


fernvalley01 said...

Wonderful! Nice to hear how your sweet boys are doing, stay cool!

Jeni said...

Beautiful rides!! I trained in the heat sometimes late after the sun dipped close to the horizon (also less bugs). Always super careful to have lots of walk breaks and did 90% walking anyway.

allhorsestuff said...

I'm so glad you got to go back to that special spot for trails!

The "whoosh-ing", over the creek made me chuckle. I had an actual
" launch type jump" over some rushing water last week. Surprised me!

I'm so happy in the summers to get high 80's with 30% humidity..
.( though, I feel like I'm melting now,.storm coming) all our grey days and mostly rain , I can take. Don't know how you-all do that kinda heat!

Loved how you captured the
" inquisitive looking" by Koda. I adore it when our horses seem to -take it all in - and appreciate it, like we do!

You hang in !!