how do you preserve your posts?

How do you preserve your posts? or don't you? 

I know some of you lost posts, heck entire blogs, and went to some great lengths to get some of that precious history back.

I am leaning towards making a personal photo type book out of my blog, every couple years. To preserve my journey, a diary of sorts ~ just for me. Something I can hold in my hands, when I am unplugged. I think down the road, this would be something I would truly treasure.

I did a Google search, and found these three options:


This one let's you test out your site:


I also found a (free) pdf blog maker - sounds fast, however no picking and choosing:

Any suggestions and/or recommendations??


Dreaming said...

I hadn't thought about this before. I know that as I've gotten deeper into blogging, I've found that I do enjoy going back and seeing what was going on in my life previously. Some of the posts took a lot of research, or a lot of time in creating my fantastic art (cough..cough)!
My other blog chronicles occasional things I've done with my dad. I put it up to capture those stories, and would hate to lose them.
Thanks for poking me in the side and making me consider something more permanent. I can't advise you, but I will probably do some research.

fernvalley01 said...

I have saved my blog in a couple of ways.I did do the blog to print , and luckily just before I was hacked I had saved the second year of my blog, but the comments were all lost even though I got most of my posts back. Now I have done something different . Blogger in your settings allows you to "export your blog" I have done this in 2 ways, 1 to my computer as a file and the second to a private blog on another blog host.I did this to save some work should I ever suffer at the hands of a hacker again . Good luck, there is also a way to save each post as a PDFs (post only not comments) it is a gadget if you look on my blog at the bottom of each post.I did this before I figured out how to export.It works too but is time consuming if you don't do it as you go

aurora said...

Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated & thought provoking...now I just have to pick a direction and do it!