a surprise arrived, after hay day

Earlier this week we got big square bales, yesterday we went back for 200 small ones. The combination should be enough hay for the rest of the year. Nice to have that taken care of. The guy we buy our hay from runs endurance races, with his Arabian crosses. It's always interesting to hear how other's are enjoying their horses!

After our hay day, we returned home to find a surprise had arrived in our mail box! I won a generous prize from Shirley's Ride a Good Horse foaling contest, and ordered two black gear straps from Mrs. Mom. They will become part of our trail gear. She makes things out of parachute cord in many fun color combinations, that can be unraveled to use in an emergency, and even put back together. The usage possibilities are endless. If you haven't already, check out her site (linked above).

As you can see, I also received a handy lanyard and bracelet! Thank you Shirley & Mr's Mom - it was a wonderful surprise after a long hot day of work. I'll think of you when I use them!!

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Shirley said...

Glad you like them! Mrs. Mom does nice work.