enjoy the view

Ready to ride out? This past weekend I strapped on my big 'ol camera, and lugged it on one of our trail ride's at home. I didn't take any photos on the path up to the back pasture, that's an area that requires full attention. We frequently see critters, there is uneven ground, gravel to cross on the lower part, and at the start of this particular ride the shadow riders were playing games with our boys. Funny how the open terrain changes the feel of the ride.

Heading south.

You will notice they just raked the hay for Koda, or that's what he thought. When we crossed over the first row to ride away from the corn, he suddenly stopped, yanked his head down and started pawing with a purpose. Brad thought it was sooo funny that Koda was trying to scoop the hay higher so he could reach it. Well, at least Koda's not dumb - altho I didn't find it very funny. Needless to say, we kept our distance from the hay for the rest of the ride.

Brad and Nemo soaking up the view.

We can see our house from the top of the hill.
Once the fields are clear, we'll have a lot more room to roam and can even ride right up to our house! Hope hubby has the hitching post done by then (hint, hint).

View from the top of the hill, if we rode the route in the opposite direction.
See the lake in the distance?

Heading back down the trail to the pasture.
Eventually we hope to clear the existing path in the woods to the right, and maybe even add a few more.


Jeni said...

Great ride and views!!!

CCC said...

Pretty and I can almost smell the hay.

fernvalley01 said...

lovely area , thanks for the tour

allhorsestuff said...

LOOK at that gorgeous VIEW!!! Lovely ride..thanks for taking me(us) along!
Sigh of contentment!