dropping like flies

Sunday was such a beautiful early fall day! I am not sure if it was more enjoyable hanging out with our horses while working in the woods, or riding Koda & Nemo for the first time in a week?? Okay, no contest there - riding was alot more fun. So much that I didn't get any pictures of the ride. I was too busy soaking it all up. 

They started taking the corn down. I wasn't sure how the boys would handle the changed view, especially the 150 ft long giant white plastic bag of corn at the beginning of our ride. We rode just a few feet away, with nothing more than a watchful eye. They did awesome, even the notorious stream of water/mud didn't get a reaction today.

Before we got to go on that glorious ride, we did more work in the wooded pasture area. Last weeks high winds led to another family “clean up the woods” day, and the realization that it will be a never ending project. The trees continue to take a beating, and are dropping like flies. 
Brad and the boy who doesn't like horses, trying to get cracked tree number two unstuck,
with the help of a friend - Mr. Bob Cat.

I know it’s a little twisted, but I love our “clean up the woods” days!  Spending time outside with family (equine & human) doing something physical, while making a visible difference - what’s not to love??!

Koda was the first one to want to help Brad.
Nemo soon joined him.

It wasn't long before they all joined in.
(Harmony, Koda and Nemo L-R)

There was some horsin' around going on
and some lovin' going on
(Koda & Harmony L_R)

Koda thinks the jokes on us - tomorrow there will be more branches to pickup!


fernvalley01 said...

You got some great shots! I don't think it is twisted , a nice day spent outside with family doing good honest work, all good

CCC said...

He who laughs last laughs best.

juliette said...

Our trees are dropping like flies too. I share in your "twisted" view that the cleanup is fun. I think it is funny how our horses seem to always work their way over to where we are to "help" us pick up the branches. Yours seem to do that to. Horses are SO social- with humans too! Happy happy days- fall is so great. Sounds like your ride was perfect.

Leah Fry said...

We also enjoy outdoor days with the horses. They have to investigate everything and want to help.