one year later

We brought Koda and Nemo home one year ago, Labor Day weekend. We purchased and boarded them a couple months prior at their former home, while we got the pasture ready, waited for the durn utility poles to be installed, went on vacation etc. We didn't want to relocate two young horses, and then leave them in strange surroundings. We initially went to look at Koda, but fell in love with both of them - and couldn't decide between them. I'm happy to say we didn't have to and decided to keep them together. We are very thankful we did, as we are blessed with two amazing horses with kind hearts and full of potential. They grew like weeds...one year later:
Nemo (yearling) at his former home 8/08

Nemo today - 9/08
Koda (yearling) at his former home 8/09

Koda today - 9/08

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