escaping act

The phone call I received today asking when the last time was that I saw our horses, was concerning. An acquaintance called to tell us two horses were loose not far from our area, and their colors were similar to ours…I was happy to be able to say I saw Nemo & Koda less than a half an hour ago – and yes, the gate was closed. Regardless, we had someone check on them again. Thankfully, it wasn’t our horses that had pulled an escaping act.
The officers had been looking for the roaming horse owners for over four hours by the time the phone chain got to me…which made me think. What were the loose horses doing all that time – checking out the neighborhood? There are a lot of houses in that area, it’s not all rural. Were the officers able to secure them somehow? It was then that I remembered a training held in our area for responders who may encounter similar situations called
Basic Horse Handling and Emergency Responder Training A worthwhile training to help our equine friends in need.

The officers eventually found the owners, but not before the loose horses enjoyed the groomed soccer field near-by!

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