rainy days

Altho it's a rainy day, any day I get to spend even a little time with the boys is a good one - I don't mind being wet and smelling like a horse. In fact, I love "the horse smell" - I know, I'm weird. We don't have an indoor arena to work our horses, so they'll get to take it easy this stormy weekend. As long as I get to see them, I'm good - got my horse fix.

This past week we've continued working on getting them to mind our space better. We have overfriendly horses, especially Koda. Brad was able to get in a few short sessions of low-key lunging, Nemo handles it well and gets it. Koda is just starting to understand what he is being asked to do...we couldn't have picked two completely opposite personalities. Koda is laid back and could care less about most things and Nemo cares a whole lot about everything.

The best part of this past week was watching our son (who says he doesn't care much for horses) find them creeping into his heart - altho he won't admit it. When he comes with us, that's where you'll find Koda.
Koda adores him and he says "Koda's a beast". Incase you're not familiar with that expression, it translates to cool/awesome. I think in the long run he'll end up being his horse, not mine. Time will tell. Our kids better get on the trailer, cuz we're doing this with or without them - we will go on happy trails - and it can't happen soon enough!!

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