We haven't had a chance to work with the boys since last week, between the weather and schedules. I didn't even get to see them yesterday, which bums me out. After tonight it's clear we really need to spend time doing basics with the boys, they had a hard time staying out of our space tonight. They just don't know better. I'm sure some of it has to do with the amount of time we've spent with them recently, and the need to reinforce what we've started - especially with the stubborn one (no, not me). However, they both did good getting brushed & feet picked - whew, after the mud that is one smell I can do without. Hopefully the weather will be nice this weekend and we can spend more time with them!


Debbie Vandevelde said...

hopefully with the good weather and the ground starting to dry up u will be able to work with your boys, just tell your husband u need an indoor lol

aurora said...

Yes we do :)