the lower pasture

Our pastures are growing like weeds, or better said with weeds. Brad mowed the lower pasture, and has been working on clearing the tree line along the fence. We do not feed our horses fresh clippingsand waited for them to dry up. 

Today was the day for another first turn-out. I was excited for an opportunity to get some action shots! Mid-day we turned the horses out in the lower pasture. I walked through the safari upper pasture, and strategically positioned myself mid-field.

Wildlife frequently cross the lower pasture. I thought for sure that alone would make for some action, but other then one medium paced run it was pretty uneventful:

waiting for me to get mid-field
they walked in one by one
and settled into grazing
suddenly something sparked their interest
and just like a dance, they turned in unison
(Koda, Nemo, Harmony)

Koda and Nemo took off
Harmony hung back for a while
and then decided it's best to join the boys

oh deer, something is in those pines
The horses turned and came back, and settled into grazing.

For their return run I took slo-mo video with my phone,
but forgot to switch back to regular speed half way through (whoops!)

This my friends was it for lower pasture action, on a hot sunny day.

Hope they enjoy hanging out in their new pasture!


Grey Horse Matters said...

What a gorgeous place you have made for yourselves and the horses. Great video, liked the slo-mo. It’s a good thing when they just walk out and put their heads down to graze and relax , I like no drama in turnout.

aurora said...

Thank you! Our place is definitely a work in progress, and most likely always will be. It's all part of it. Sure is fun each time something gets finished. I like slow motion video too, but would have preferred a shorter timeframe. This video made it look like the horses were running forever lol.

Mrs Shoes said...

On a really hot day, asking for a burst of speed from my little band gets me the stink eye. ;-)

Linda said...

That was fun to watch in slo-mo. THey were gliding on air. You have happy horses, and l’m sure they appreciate their slice of heaven.

Shirley said...

I love all the trees and I bet the horses are happy to have their shade. Harmony is beautiful, looking good for 18!