first outdoor 2018 ride

Hi, remember me?! I am finally finding my way back to my blog.

2018 is turning out to be a trying year for us, and not necessarily the way we expected. Among other things, sickness of one form or another has kept it's ugly grip on both Brad & I for most of the year. We aren't completely out of the woods, but *finally* feeling more like ourselves and getting some much needed energy back.

We failed miserably at our attempt to get back to riding our horses on a regular basis. Somehow a month flew by without even seeing them :( The only thing that kept my mind at ease is knowing who they live with. I've said it before, and I'll say it again - if our horses can't live with us, then we would want them to live with our trainer. 

Besides our building project and being sick, I left for a Northern Lights photography trip to Alaska for 9 days. Conditions were not favorable, we only saw the lights once briefly. I've been dreaming forever of seeing them dance overhead in color, so I'm pretty disappointed. The saving grace is all the other amazing things I saw & photographed during the day, including Dalton Highway views (featured in the TV show Ice Road Truckers), moose, caribou and the Iditarod. I've done a series of posts on my Facebook Photography page. It's open/public if interested, link on sidebar. Alaska was absolutely stunning, and I can't wait to go back someday and try again! 

I'm happy to report we started back to riding on Tuesday. Koda is a little tender on his left front, so we are keeping it at a walk. We also took advantage of a beautiful Spring day last weekend, and rode outside for the first time this year! It felt wonderful!!

Walking Koda in to tack, from their turnout pasture
I clipped his mohawk & brushed, and brushed and brushed, until I couldn't brush anymore. It's an endless job in the Spring! 

See Nemo underneath the gate at the far end of the arena?
Poor guy, he just stood there watching while we rode

Nemo was pouting, and wouldn't let Brad pet him while he was on Cierra. He is sooo jealous and wants Brad to spend all his time with him! Kinda funny tho that Koda and I were allowed to give him some love.

After riding in the outdoor, we went on a field ride
Brad has a ranch clinic coming up in a few weeks, and needs to focus on Cierra. He spent some one-on-one with Nemo after our ride, brushing his fine flyaway white hair - and that made Nemo happier.

Just when I think Koda could care less,
he does stuff like this.

Cierra & Nemo had walked off to roll and/or graze, but Koda hung by the gate. I went back into the pasture to give him more hugs, before heading back home.


Grey Horse Matters said...

Sorry to hear you and Brad haven’t been feeling well but it’s great that you got to finally ride. I’ve been wondering how the house and barn is coming along. The Alaska trip sounds awesome. I can’t check out your pics since I don’t do Facebook, but I’m sure they’re gorgeous. Good to hear from you!

aurora said...

Thank you! I've missed so much of what's happening in my blogger friends worlds. I tried to at least read a little. Sorry about the Facebook thing, I just checked & it looks like they've changed the way public access works. Now you can only see a little before they slap a huge log in window and prevent further viewing. I plan to gather the photos somewhere else. Once I figure that part out, I'll share on here. There are a few unique views I would love to share here!

Linda said...

It was a bad health year here, too, so I have sympathy pains. It’s a bummer about the weather interference in Alaska, but I would really like to see your photos. I’ll go to Facebook. Poor Nemo. Horses really do get jealous. They know who their people are. I’m constantly trying to balance my relationships with the herd, and it’s not always easy. I hope you have a lovely, HEALTHY spring!

aurora said...

Well Linda, sounds like we've both put our sick time in so we will hopefully (knock on wood) get a pass for the rest of the year! Brad tried my photography Facebook page for me last night, and was able to spend as much time as wanted. He is not on Facebook. I think the log in I got was because Facebook knows I have an account and wants me to log in, so it could track my actions.

Grey Horse Matters said...

Hi Aurora,
I gave Facebook a shot and got to see all your pictures. Just beautiful. What a great experience! Thanks for sharing. By the way, you're a wonderful photographer.

Linda said...

You probably noticed, I found your facebook page. :) I didn't realize you were so talented!

C-ingspots said...

Okay, now I'm gonna have to check out FB too! Got my curiosity going. 2017 was a bad year for viruses for so many. Whatever it takes to strengthen our immune systems is what we all need to be doing. I'm glad to hear you and Brad are feeling better.
I think all animals share the same emotions that people have, and like us, some are more jealous than others. Eagle dips his nose down, bats his lashes (I kid you not) and does this tiny little, flirty nicker. Gets me every time! Ladde shows jealousy by banging his gate and just being noisy, while Missy quietly watches. Individuals all of them. So happy for you getting a ride in! We've had some beautiful days here and there too. Now it's official, winter is finished! Riding season coming up!!
Even if the conditions weren't favorable, it still sounds like a blast! And gives you a perfect excuse to go again. :)

aurora said...

You guys are too kind!! Thanks for take the time out of your busy day to go find, and look at my photos. It means a lot to me! Hope you made it past the many Iditarod posts, and saw the Dalton Highway photos of the truckers, moon & snow trees - they are more unique. Either way, much appreciated!

Lorie, that is too funny that Eagle bats his eyes! Alaskans are very friendly people, food was delicious and the areas I saw were beautiful! I truly hope to go back, but it won't be in a similar large group (14) situation. I tried, group travel is not for me. It didn't help that I was sick, and my phone didn't work (couldn't look up sky data, or communication with the others, or more importantly home) and I had no vehicle. Everyone was very nice, but I was completely dependent on others. It was very frustrating for this independent gal. I was one of the few that was traveling alone, so I bounced around vehicles. However I am glad I went, and very glad to have experienced the amazing things I did. I'm looking forward to hearing about your riding season starting up!

Mrs Shoes said...

I'm sorry to hear you haven't been well, but glad that you're on the upswing of it! Those first rides always feel so great - I hate all the hair, but at least shedding it all is a promise of Springtime.

Shirley said...

Herd dynamics are interesting. Tomorrow's post on my blog will show Belle's feelings about Rosalee now that Gussie is back in the herd.
Spring riding time is here!

aurora said...

Yes, shedding and Spring are synonymous - but I can't wait for it to end! The shedding, not Spring lol! I absolutely love the changing of the seasons, and don't like to rush past any of them.

Shirley, I can imagine how Belle feels. Will look forward to reading about it. Herd dynamics fascinate me, can't wait to live & learn more about it!!