never ending layers

It's been pretty uneventful around here these days. Work, work, and more work. We spent the majority of the long holiday weekend - you guessed it, working on the land.

Remember the hay we spread all over our house site last Winter? It was spread thick to prevent frost from sinking deep, so we could get digging early Spring. As Winter came to an end, that stinky hay mess got pulled off and piled to the side of the building site. It kept breaking down, and became an even stinkier mess. It was far enough away that the huge pile went unnoticed, unless the wind was blowing just right.

We are getting our septic system put in this week. The hay and some of the weeds 'er dirt piles, were in the way. So your's truly got the lovely job of moving the hay. One stinky grapple bucket load at a time. 

I used a rented trac bobcat, while Brad ran the other one doing various things. I quickly found out I really like tracs, better then wheels. Have you ever tried picking up loose hay? Yea, well - it's frustrating. I finally got the hang of it, and was determined to move the entire pile myself. I was hauling it around the dirt piles, down the hill, and around the corner to the other end of the field. Piling it up to ferment, then eventually get spread. It was a bit of an obstacle course, but I had a great radio to keep me company. Good thing too, because it took me the lions share of the day to move that pile!

It was peaceful at times...

heading down the hill with a full load

boring at times...dangerous at times....
Brad had a hay bale smash the window/door on his bobcat.
Thankfully he did not get hurt!!

...and down right exciting at times! I came up over the hill, and couldn't believe my eyes! Stopped me in my tracs, literally. You might want to turn the volume down and zoom in a little to see what I saw...while I was jamming to whatever was on the radio :)

Doesn't show up very well on here, but I saw a doe & her twin fawns in our designated horse pasture! One little brown & one glowing white baby!! Albino's are a novelty around here. Now the neighborhood is on the lookout for the new baby! We have three that I know of: a young buck, an older buck (we've never seen him) and this new little one. Isn't he/she cute?!!

I thought I would never finish moving that darn hay, but I finally got it done. Even if it made for a long day, it felt good to be helping with the never ending layers of work that need to be done.


Grey Horse Matters said...

Piece by piece you're getting it done. Stinky hay is ... well stinky but you've got it under control now. The deer were hard to see but I could just about make them out. Always reminds me of Bambi when I see the little ones.

aurora said...

Sorry, on my phone I can enlarge the video just a little so the deer are easier to see without completely digitizing them...I took a phone pic too, but that isn't much better. I really want a photo with my good camera of the little white guy, but short of spending endless hours in a tree stand - it won't happen. This is the second time they've been spotted on our land. It's possible we could get a closer pic if we set the trail cam back up. The brush is so high tho, I don't know if he would be visible. Now I want a looong wildlife lens!

Linda said...

It sounds like a fulfilling day, and you got to see an albino fawn--surely a sign of good things to come. I've never experienced riding tracks rather than wheels. I guess it would be more stable. We really need to devote a day to clean up at our place.

Shirley said...

I have a compost pile in my mare pn that is mostly hay - more like straw, the horses wouldn't eat it so it's getting turned into compost.
Your place is so pretty, love all the fields bordered by trees. Very cool to see an albino fawn too!

aurora said...

Linda, the trac's make for a smoother ride (easier on my sore lower back) and maneuvering better on top of loose soil/sand. The weight is more evenly spread out, less chance of getting stuck.

Thanks Shirley :)