sunshine & butterflies ~ part two

The sun was still shining after that wonderful first outdoor arena ride, and butterflies - well, they resurfaced, but in a different way.

I turned Koda out into the pasture, and went to get my camera. Nemo and Koda meandered around the entrance, waiting for Brad to be done with Cierra. Until this past week, our little herd had not been together since Koda got injured. Nemo had been paired with one or the other, and a couple different horses have been in & out of the mix for company. However, Koda & Cierra were kept separate. There is nothing that girl loves more then to run & run & run & play, and it's so much more fun when someone joins her! Consequently our horses would get turned out in adjoining pastures, yet chose to stand together. Even if, with a fence of separation. Our horses are so happy to be pastured together again! 

Cierra joined the boys, and walked off together with Nemo to the far end of the pasture. No horse antics to be seen this day, at least not of the racing kind. Koda stuck around me. Walked over, tried to eat my camera, nudged it off-balance, gave me another horsey hug, and in general got way too close for pictures. Silly boy! I could have gotten some great nose or eyeball shots, but I had my longer lens.

Nemo came back for Koda, but he didn't want to leave. Another visiter came too close for the camera in hand, this time it was the big lovable guy...

Cierra wondered, what was all the fuss about...

It wasn't long before she had to see what I was doing as well, and stopped by for some love. Such a sweet girl! Nemo & Cierra eventually walked off together again. Koda spotted Brad making his way over to the pasture, and greeted him at the gate. Koda got his fair share of attention, then Brad called out to Nemo. After not being Brad's chosen mount, in the usual fashion, Nemo chose not to listen. He really cares, and doesn't like sharing his human. Instead, he tolerates it. We have had numerous people comment on Nemo's obvious behavior, where in the end - he pouts.

Needless to say, Brad made the trek across the pasture to see him...

...but it wasn't long before Nemo had to share, again...

...eventually Brad started back, and so did his horses. Nemo made me laugh out loud. He is so expressive, and told Cierra "stay on your own damn side" !!! 

I could see it all unfold from afar, and called out to Brad. So, he had a little chat with them about sharing. He loves them both, immensely. Doesn't everyone have talks with their horses?

They all walked back together, peacefully. Who needs halters to gather horses, when you are a horse whisperer.

And this my friends is what makes my heart sing, possibly even more then riding. Watching the human horse connection at liberty, specifically my human and horses. I could spend hours watching all things horse in the pasture. It is so telling. 

To others these may just be boring pictures of people and horses walking in the pastures, but it is so much more then that. It is a slice of time in a cherished lifestyle, captured for those with heart and understanding. Not for everyone, but it is everything to us. 

I love documenting interactions. I don't get to do enough of it. Sure, fast action shots are a thrill a minute and much easier to be found. I truly enjoy those too! But the subtle interactions, they say it all. With out words. With out being told how to stand, or smile. With out some grandiose event. It is real life, at it's best.

At the other end of the pasture, this face stuck close-by. No doubt hoping dinner would come early. The face of comical kindness, and trial. He tests me, he tests everybody. He is my teacher. 

What am I going to do with that face? Love, listen and learn.


C-ingspots said...

Amen my friend!! These are the moments that we live for. Riding is awesome, but the relationship between our horses and us - that is the heart of the matter. Awesome stuff!! I actually feel sorry for those people who don't get it. Horses are a gift of the highest order, and when they choose to be with us; it's a real blessing. That's when I feel like the richest and most lucky gal in the whole world! :)

Grey Horse Matters said...

I absolutely agree with everything you've said. Spending time with the horses and interacting with them is a special privilege for me. Riding is nice too but you can't put a price on just hanging out with them. They really don't have to but when they choose to be with you it's a wonderful feeling.

Love the picture of the conversation with the horses. I've done that and any un-horsey person would probably think I'm nuts. They'll never understand but that's their loss.

Also love the expression on Nemo's face. My horse Erik would actually get very jealous whenever I paid attention to Dusty. They did not get along and he would pout too. Great pictures and all you can do with that face in the last picture is kiss his nose.

Shirley said...

Love the pic of Brad explaining things to his horses. Some of the best human/horse moments are just hanging out with them. That's why I don't worry too much if I don't ride s much as I used to.

aurora said...

I knew you guys could related, you're my kinda people! We miss just hanging around with our horses, and long for the day when we bring them home...it will happen. Glad you guys enjoyed the pics, this series is pretty special to me.