pasture time ~ 5 of 5

After seeing all horses playing together in the pasture, and each of Cierra, Nemo, and Koda's featured posts, this series closes out with a few quieter pasture times.

feels sooo good to be back together

unspoken words exchanged

what is THAT on your head?

visiting with neighbors

I'll scratch your back, you scratch mine

pasture time together is the best

I hope you've enjoyed viewing the photos as much as I've enjoyed taking and sharing them! Shooting pics of our horses in the pasture after we ride on the weekends has become an enjoyable part of our summer routine. 

Pausing, to soak in, what we so fortunately have as a special part of our lives... 

In other words, I've got more pictures to share! However I've got other things to talk about first, before those memories start fading. I will continue to intermittently post some collective pasture photos of our horses, while I've got 'em. How's that for incentive to blog? It's working for me! Go on, give it a try. Capture some memories, and let us share in your joy.


Shirley said...

I must say I really like Cierra! Looking forward to more pics too, and all your horses are looking so good.

Dreaming said...

Love the second shot - although, you are right. They are all great. It is relaxing to watch them, in person or vicariously through your pics.

aurora said...

Thank you Shirley! Once they catch your eye, it kinda sticks with you doesn't it? Cierra has been a lot of fun to watch grow up.

Nice to hear from you Dreaming! I don't know what Cierra & Koda are telling each other, but they greet each other this way almost every time they are reunited in the pasture.

Grey Horse Matters said...

Loved all five posts. Your horses are gorgeous. I love watching horses interact or just graze. It's better than TV.

aurora said...

Thanks Grey Horse! It's great to hear from you and I couldn't agree more, much better then watching TV!