feeling alive

We committed to riding our horses two to three times a week. It could happen, right? It did. At least for the past couple weeks, and it's been rewarding! Especially the back-to-back weekend rides. There is something to be said for riding your horse on consecutive days.

Our trainer was off at the ABRA World Show, resulting in a quiet barn. We had unusually cool weather the last week in July. It felt like Fall. We wore extra layers and enjoyed the refreshing break from the melting heat.

We've been thoroughly enjoying the large outdoor arena, with the varied obstacles and room to lope. Getting Koda to take a left lead has been "work", the rest has been play. Sometimes we use each other as obstacles, which is fun. One of Brad's favorite things to do is track us. Not sure how much Koda likes playing "cow", until we outsmart them! Pretty sure our horses can maneuver the gate with their eyes closed.  We mix it up with trail poles, boxes, backward L's, side passes & turns - none of which will win any awards, but that's not why I ride. Among other reason's, I ride to feel alive. Why do you ride?

Koda & I
This past week brought opportunities to ride with different horses in the arena, and different obstacles. Cones had been set-up to practice speed events, we took full advantage of them. My biggest joy yesterday, was that Koda repeatedly took a left lead with ease!!

Brad & Nemo
My husband reminds me to stop focusing on trying to do everything right, and that includes horseback riding. Being in the present doesn't come easily to me. Neither does letting go. Sometimes I worry that I might ruin my horse, or that he should really be doing "fill in the blank" instead of just being my horse. I know I won't ruin him. Koda knows how to do everything mentioned just right, and more. He has been very patient, a great teacher. I remind myself to be present, observant, feeeeling my horse. Doing things right feels good, but doing things naturally feels better.

Cierra & Koda, scratchin'


C-ingspots said...

In answer to your question...I also ride to feel alive. I've never felt more free and at home than when on horseback. Everything just seems better! I'm at peace more than at any other time. I just wanted to check in and say hello. I've been blogosphere absent for quite some time. No real reason, I guess. Just taking a break and living my life. I've been working, reading, gardening, floating in the pool, soaking up the sunshine, spending time with horses, attending summer fairs, family BBQ's and last W/E we went horse camping. I rode the new little red mare, Sugar. Fun, fun, fun!!! She's a very good girl, and very easy to be around. Hubby rode Ladde, who was perfect. As usual. I've also spent a couple of W/E's at the beach and have taken lots of pictures, had our grandsons out for a W/E and who knows what else!? Busy, summertime and I love it! Hope all is just swell with you too!!

aurora said...

Hi Lorie! I've been wondering about you & checking your blog. So glad to hear you are enjoying a grand summer! Nothing wrong with recharging & taking breaks. There are things about horses, that are hard to put into words...keep on feeling alive & thanks for checking in!!