Sunday Stills ~ The Letter W

I made a photo challenge, finally! I have a lot of W's in my life, it was hard to chose. I decided to shoot the less obvious, hope you enjoy these shots from this weekend:

Wine & Wild Horses

Equine readers might find this interesting, it's from the back of the 14 Hands Wine, all with a Wild Horse label (they make different varieties): 

"14 Hands celebrates the spirit of the wild horses that roamed the Columbia River Valley. Fourteen Hands in height, these tough little horses were revered around the world for their strength. The terrain that once gave them endurance and spirit now feeds our vines. Our 14 Hands wines share the soul and intensity of this unbridled freedom." 

Water & Wet Puppy

My daughter's puppy wonders about the water in our pond, and always ends up wet! Below is his favorite outdoor place, the weed patch we let grow on our hill side until the crocus greens dry up. He rarely stays still, and being black makes him extra hard to capture!


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The Dancing Donkey said...

Nice pictures, I love that last one. He looks very striking in amongst the dandelions.

Lori Skoog said...

Love that label! Sweet pup.

henrygl.com said...

wow the weeds shot is my fav' good choices.

tailsfromprovence.com said...

Ooh I love that wine label!

Haddock said...

That last photo is lovely..... among the weeds.