Sunday Stills ~ Potluck

frosty winter
frosty March winter

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Eva said...

Peaceful. Very nice with the mist in the background.

Shirley said...

Whoa- weird comment ^
Hope you don't have to go to Word Verification.
Your boys look good, all fuzzy and soft. I love frosty mornings, great for photo ops!

aurora said...

Thank you. I don't get too much spam Shirley & just keep checking comments - but when I do get spammed, they are indeed weird!!

allhorsestuff said...

Those Boys Look Great!
How Are You??

Anonymous said...

cool shot, loved the snow topped trees n the background

aurora said...

I am good Kacy, thanks so much for asking :) I haven't been posting because unfortunately my equine interactions came to more or less a screeching halt. Due to our location/situation, winter weather & it's lack of light.