nemo & koda update

Nemo and Koda went back to the trainers for a tune-up at the end of February. While they've both done well getting back to work, apparently it's Koda that has shown a real change. He wants to go-go-go, and is eager for his workouts. I'm not surprised. It was clear to me over the winter that he would rather be an indoor/outdoor horse with a job. Koda is happiest when he has something to do that uses his mind, as with many horses. He is a lower pecking order horse, who loves food and thoroughly enjoys the uninterrupted meals delivered three times a day at Iron Horse. If only the stables were closer, and I could afford it, he would live there full time. We are going up to ride this weekend, it will be interesting to see how he feels & reacts.

Koda at home, right before heading back to work

Both boys had their teeth floated, coggins, and shots done by our shared vet, conveniently at Iron Horse. When we dropped Koda & Nemo off, for the first time since his procedure, we noticed Nemo dripping....it was time for a recheck. You may recall he had calcium build up in his bladder, and had it flushed once before.

When I called Brad to see how the vet visit went, I knew from the sound of my hubby's voice that something wasn't right when they did Nemo's ultrasound. He didn't want to discuss it until I got home from work. Great. That was a long ride, with my mind running rampant. I figured he needed to be re-flushed, but there had to be more...

Our vet was pleased to find Nemo's bladder to still be of normal size, with less buildup. However, he found a growth. He tried to get what calcium had built up out, but the growth prevented it. Vet Dave was stunned, as the growth wasn't there on the first ultrasound & extraction. He is looking into the situation further, and reviewing Nemo's scans with his network of experts. It is likely Nemo will have to go to the vet hospital to get the growth biopsied. Our trusted vet is extremely knowledgeable, and we will be well advised. He is aware of the fact that Nemo is Brad's buddy, his heart horse. I am keeping the faith that whatever this growth is, there is something we can do about it to help our beloved big guy - who gives sooo much to us.

Nemo at home, right before heading back to work


Dreaming said...

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for an easy outcome to Nemo's problem.

Koda's picture is worthy of an oil painting - it's beautiful!

Shirley said...

I sure hope this is something that can be easily dealt with. I just hat it when things aren't right with our beloved creatures.
Those photos are really nice, I love the light.

Jeni said...

Love the pictures! Hope it all turns out ok and is nothing to serious.

fernvalley01 said...

Hope is not serious! Poor Nemo!