it's all about Wednesdays

We've been riding Koda & Nemo 1X a week, more often then not on Wednesdays. Things are going well, and I think I am over the funk I found myself in the past weeks. Nothing was wrong, but nothing was particularly right either. I questioned what I was doing with Koda, and why. I was barely looking forward to my rides. He didn't do anything wrong, the rides were fine.

We had set goals back in January, but it didn't seem like we were progressing or even working on them and therefore wasn't sure if I even wanted to anymore. Add to that, my saddle is starting to fit Koda weird (I have semi-quarter bars, he is muscling up and growing wider) and spurs felt odd. I can't just drop in once a week and feel like a successful team, too many new things and no (much needed) repetition. Not to mention I am used to structured lessons, we are hands on owners and I just plain ol' feel disconnected. Altho I heard Patty and Brad say I'm riding better then ever, I wasn't doing anything different. Really, I wasn't.

Koda is doing awesome with his training, I can see/feel that. However I need a plan in my head, even if the plan is no plan, or made spur of the moment. How does one know how to get anywhere, when you don't know the path well enough and can't practice.
What should I be working on. I know I was over thinking things, but had to have one of "those" hard conversations that thankfully ended well. I needed to know more then "everything is good". It felt like I was just riding a different horse, arrround in circles, going through the motions. Do you ever question what you are doing with your horse?

Until this past week, we've had to ride in the indoor arena at Iron Horse. We have had a very wet cool spring. With all of the above settled down, other then the saddle fit which we are actively working on figuring out, it felt soooo good to ride outside!! I threw my first rope off of Koda, opened/closed a gate and dragged a log. I've never done any of those things before on horseback. The log was easy, I'll need practice tossing a rope so I don't look like a total dork. The gate was the most challenging. Koda did great, and was very patient while Patty showed me the correct way to position him to open/shut the gate. We also worked on side passes, turns, loping and stops. I really had fun, and am looking forward to practicing next Wednesday!!


Leah Fry said...

I haven't ridden in almost a month. Although there were plenty of reasons, mostly inclement weather, Jaz coughing, etc., it's now turned into a case of inertia. I must prevail this weekend!

I question what I'm doing all the time. Remember, I'm making this up as I go!

Dreaming said...

Our project house has kept us busy so my riding is very limited. I have a lesson every 2 weeks - so at least one guy gets ridden for that. I'm thankful for my instructor as she keeps the plan and I work at little bits of it.
It sounds like you are working on a lot!

Shirley said...

Riding without a plan can be a little frustrating, I think we're mentally geared to expect something of ourselves in the way of progress; and riding in an indoor arena gets a little stale if you aren't working on something specific. Things like working cavalettis, backing the L, walking over tarps, etc. are all things you can do indoors that give you a purpose and sharpen your and your horses skills. An old cowboy friend once said that he doesn't ride just to ride; he always has to be doing something, even if it's just checking fence. I think if we have a goal or purpose when we ride, it helps our horse, who usually would much rather be chillin' out munching hay than being ridden.

fernvalley01 said...

Crap ! my comment vanished! Glad that you have turned a corner , the long winter and plain old "tired " might have played a role too. Switching it up and getting back to it at something new is good too

aurora said...

Leah, funny - I make it up too but that's harder to do when the boys aren't home. Hoping you get some riding time in soon.

Dreaming, it can feel like a lot. Some things I am re-learning, but it's been years and with a different horse & trainer it all feels new again!

Sharon, you are so right. No one did anything wrong, we just all need to continue open communication on specifics. No one knows, what they don't know. Great suggestions, and I completely agree with your old cowboy friend.

Fern, ugh! I hate it when that happens. You put the time into replying, and then poof it vanishes. I do think a lot had to do with being stuck indoors.

Thanks for the wonderful reply's!

50+Horses said...

I loved your Post. I also haven't ridden for almost a month. Seems when I've got the time it's raining and and when I don't have the time it's sunny (go figure). And I also have been a bit of a slump mentally as the one year anniversary of losing my horse Champ comes back around.

You've motivated me to try some different things next time I ride. Thanks for a good Post and getting me mentally motivated! :)

aurora said...

Really? You just completely made my day!! I've been meaning to write this post for a long time...I am so happy you found it motivating! I truly hope warm memories of Champ help you continue to heal.