Sunday Stills ~ 4 points

Sunday Stills ~ 4 points is a pretty cool challenge. Find an interesting, or not so interesting, place and stand and take pics of the 4 points of the compass. North, South, East and West. The point of this challenge is that we have a tendency to only look in one direction when taking pics. for instance photographing a sunset you rarely look behind you to see the setting sun light up a barn or hillside or beside you to notice the shadows created by the trees or other objects.

I tried various locations, and all four directions - some of which fall under the not so interesting category. This "look around" challenge really made a person think! I'll definitely keep 4 points in mind when shooting with cast light. 

My 4 points are taken in a field, of crocus, and on a bridge. I stayed in one spot and rotated facing out for the field and bridge shots. I rotated my body around the crocus, facing into the 4 points.

Field wheelin', facing East

Field wheelin', facing West

Field wheelin', facing South

Field wheelin', facing North

Hillside Crocus, facing East

Hillside Crocus, facing West

Hillside Crocus, facing North

Hillside Crocus, facing South

Bridge, facing East

Bridge, facing West

Bridge, facing North

Bridge, facing South

View other 4 point shots: http://sundaystills.wordpress.com/


Dreaming said...

Nice shots. I love the crocus. There are so many of them. The bridge facing south is very inviting.

Anonymous said...

Those crocus are really beautiful! :)

fernvalley01 said...

Great shots. I love the crocus'

aurora said...

Thank you! We originally planted 400 crocus, 100 of each kind. There is a whitish early variety not represented that is done blooming. It sounds like a lot, but it's not. I learned crocus don't spread very fast, and white doesn't show. There is a family planting story we'll never forget (involving a snake) otherwise there would be more crocus planted as originally planned. The patch actually used to be bigger, you can see the damage the voles have done in the east facing picture - our property has been hit hard.

MTWaggin said...

My white crocus bloomed first and pooped out first as well. The purple were last and are just now really at it. Nice shots by the by, the field wheeling made me laugh!

aurora said...

The Field Wheelin' was the most fun to shoot. My son thought I was a little strange shooting pics of him buzzing around, but made me laugh too - especially the whoops I missed him shots!

The bridge I am standing on is public, the bridge facing south is on private property. I got a lot of stares standing on that bridge...

Shirley said...

You really nailed this challenge. Those crocus shots are so beautiful. and I like the Wheely shot too.

Fantastyk Voyager said...

Great series. I love the crocus! The field Wheelin looks like great fun.

gtyyup said...

Fun take on the challenge!! But, I have to like the crocus shots best...must be the spring fever in me!