Sunday Stills ~ canine companions

Challenge this week is for all those lovable pooches we have. They can be new (preferably) or archive pics of pooches past, or in some cases doggies met on merry travels.

I thought long and hard, about posting all the canine's that hold a special place in my heart. I decided one picture of Tania and Timber, or Maverick and Cheyenne, just wouldn't do them justice. This post would be forever long, if I got into each special memorial story. They will weave into this blog eventually. For the challenge I decided to focus on our two living canine companions, Mack and Sam. We adopted the brothers from Angels Wish (half Lab, half Australian Shepard) when they were puppies:


Sam is brown, an alpha male. The smartest, and hungriest, dog we've ever owned.


Mack is black, a huge chicken. He's a grinning fool, and the fastest dog we've ever owned.


They run like the wind.


They have a love-hate relationship.


Mostly love.


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Dreaming said...

Oh, they are so cute! I love the grin - we had a dog that smiled like that, but strangers rarely understood the gesture!

fernvalley01 said...

they are adorable . Love the grin on the black one!

Shirley said...

You have 2 lovely boys! Nice photo of them running. Love the smile too.

Wander Woman said...

People say dogs don't smile--but those of us who love them know they do!
Cute guys!


Jeni said...

Pretty dogs! Love the grins =)

Leah Fry said...

I LOVE that last photo.

Ed said...

Great pics but the first one takes the cake..:-)

Anonymous said...

I just adore that last photo! Love the running photo too!

gtyyup said...

You captured some great photos there! They really do look like brothers.