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What a great last weekend of summer!!  We headed out of the pasture/arena to ride again, a bit later in the day. We rode yesterday's path, in reverse. Unfortunately there were more mosquitoes. We decided it's worth a try to look into fly masks...the boys are sooo good and give us there heads so we can squish the little blood suckers, but it's just not fair. We don't want to ask them to ride in discomfort, and one never knows until you head out. It's worth a try to be able to continue to expand our horizons, in comfort. 

The four of us rode up together, and yes now I can say it appears we have over come "the corner" since we came around the same bend (same angle vs head on) - at least today ;) The boys continued on a bit hesitant at first, we think because of their sun-cast shadows.  They soon got over it. 

Let's face it, life is more interesting out on the trail - even tho we didn't see any wild fowl, deer or other critters today. We did ride further along the highway, and went behind the other farm buildings. A future wooded trail looks promising!?! Once the corn is down, we will be able to ride even further, including up to our house. I'm wishing for a hitching post.

We were all hot and sweaty when we returned, which meant it was a good time to clean pads and boots. Our old lattice deck came in handy.


Anonymous said...

For riding, try the Cashells ride mask - Absorbine makes one like that too I think. Very lightweight and transparent - no good for the pasture, though, you need something heavier-duty for that.

Jeni said...

Kate is right Cashells makes a great ride mask, I also use fly bonnets.

I'm glad you got some horsey time! I'm going through withdrawals.

aurora said...

Thanks for the mask suggestions! So far the bugs haven't been bad in the pasture - it's just when we ride out.

Just realized you can see the woods I mention in the photo. The corner of the lattice, above the plant, points to it. We ride past it, on the other side for now (that's a field of corn). Someday I'll get a pocket sized camera lol!

fernvalley01 said...

Sounds like a lovely ride . AN dyour boys are doing do well!

Grey Horse Matters said...

Sounds like you had a nice ride. We use the Crusader riding masks,think they're called quiet ride, they might be put out by Cashel. Anyway, they work. If the bugs aren't too bad we use those crocheted ear fringe bonnets and they help too. The bugs should be gone soon...fingers crossed.

Leah Fry said...

Sounds perfect. Love the view from your deck for sure!

Shirley said...

Aurura, thanks for stopping by my blog ,and for following it; it's how I found yours. You are my 100th follower, so I have a gift pack for you- I've been waiting all week for that 100th one to show up, and you're it! If you send me an email and give me a mailing address, I'll send it to you right away.(My email address is on my blog sidebar right under Sale Barn)

Shirley said...

My husband built me an awesome hitching post; we used an old telephone pole, had a bobcat drill holes about 3 ft deep, cut the pole so that it's about 4 ft out of the ground, and bolted the top on with really long lag bolts. No horse is going to break that hitching post!

aurora said...

Thanks Fern, I am thrilled to say the boys really are doing awesome. At times I have to remind myself, they are only 3.

Grey, I sure hope the bugs diminish soon. The Cashels must be the go-to mask. I really want to try them.

Leah, it's kind funny - we never use that deck. It's in the middle of the "fill in the blank" elements. But it does make for good viewing.

Welcome to the ride Shirley! I'm your 100th follower, really?! Wow, how fun (and lucky)! I should have bought a lotto ticket. I was captivated by your horses/photos/blog. A hitching post has already been added to my "honey-do" list :)