Harmony has a new home

We moved Harmony to a new home last Wednesday. She will be living at Mandt's Equestrian Center, a very active show barn. Her stall is right next to Bill's, a haflinger that used to live at her former home. It will be a familiar nicker. Mandt's is a huge barn, the largest I've ever seen, and not without it's issues. Bill is owned by our daughters friend, the haffie that unfortunetely got the unwanted haircut (see hitched posts). However, that was an isolated incident and Harmony will be turned out in a different area. Everyone (horses included) seems happy when we've been there. All the shows we've been to are well run, and attended. Lots of fun happening there. We know several super people at Mandt's, including the barn manager, and feel it's in our daughter and Harmony's best interest. We have been suggesting she try Mandts for years. Heck, lets be honest - we've been trying to get her to just plain old move on from the old place, and all it's injustices, for a long while. Change can be daunting, maybe she just needed the buffer of having Harmony at home before trying a new place? Who knows. What we do know is we are excited she'll have new opportunities, friendships to foster, and new friends to make. This was "her idea" and trust me when I say it's better than us forcing a switch.

As for the horse, Harmony has been at our place doing lots of nothing since October. Winter, boyfriend, and no arena got in the way. Winter has changed to spring, the boyfriend is gone, and we are working on an outdoor arena. The mare has been bored, especially since our boys are in training. She needs a job again, and misses her girl. She has lived her life being a 4H, lesson, show girl, with lots of people and horses around. I think she's going to like Mandt's, and will get to do many more fun things with her girl. Harmony has never lived in a stall, but we feel it's the best board option considering the factors. She is starting her daily turnout with a timid mare called Chloe.
So far, so good.

We look forward to seeing them ride together again!!


JeniQ said...

Good luck! I hope it all works out well.

fernvalley01 said...

Good Luck, sometimes change is hard , but hopefully your daughter and HArmony will do well there

allhorsestuff said...

WOW, good New starts allaround!

Leah Fry said...

That's exciting news. Hope everything works out. It will be interesting to get to know all the horses and people at the new place.

aurora said...

Thanks everyone! We're pretty happy with our decision, even if it ends up being just for the show season. Knowing the main staff helps, they have been awesome friends. We look forward to getting to know more of the regulars, and all the new experiences an active barn brings - just hoping they are mostly good :)

Terri said...

Good Luck with your move! I hope all concerned benefit from the change.
I am long time rider/writer and new blogger. Hope you will find the time to come see me.