we interrupt this life...

...to bring you 3 days of nothing but horse at the Midwest Horse Fair! The only bad part of this weekend is that it didn't include Nemo/Koda. We miss them a lot. We look forward to riding them twice this week. I talked to our trainer Patty, she said they have been training outside and the boys were having another good week. I was glad to hear Koda was doing better with his bit.

We did the majority of our shopping at Fair on Friday, and found many good deals! Friday night PRCA Rodeo sold out. Personally, other then the hands-down funniest clown ever, I wasn't impressed with PRCA for various reasons. A clock/horn or something other then delayed announcing of the contestants timing after the fact would have been a good idea, especially when our coliseum has these available. Nothing against the announcer, he was fine - but seriously they could do better - this is a timed event, in front of a huge crowd. Guess I've seen a lot of rodeo's, and expect more in this situation. Saturday's Grand Prix jumping was fun to watch. It was complete with HUGE bright jumps, ramped up tall warmblood horses, and riders with nerves of steel.

I'm not sure what my favorite part of Fair was this year?? It might have been the freestyle duet routine
performed on Sunday by 15 year old Moriah, with celebrity Richard Winters. Moriah won the Midwest Horse Fair Wind Rider Challenge. We saw a lot of Richard at fair, and liked his style. Ruben Villasenior's Saturday Bosel clinic was good too, as was his cute intermission performance with his young 10 year old daughter on Saturday night (both riding stallions). Ruben also performed with his Kiger Mustang stallion on Friday night. That Kiger stallion is gorgeous, and sooo well behaved - he was drawing a lot of attention. He is only three, and has been with Ruben training for about a year. He used him at his clinics, as well as some of his performances. If you were at Fair this year, what was your favorite part??

Unfortunately, I have no visuals to share. I purposely left my camera at home, so I could live the fair instead of watch it through a lens. I checked youtube, but found none of the above performances posted - yet. Think about horsin' around and joining in the fun next year!
Midwest Horse Fair has presenters/participants from as far away as Canada & Oregon, and is always held the second weekend in April.


fernvalley01 said...

Sounds like a good time ! I am atending a horse conference /trade show next week , hope it is as good

Leah Fry said...

Where is the Fair?

JeniQ said...

Oh what fun Aurora !!!! Did you find any good buys?

aurora said...

Midwest Horse Fair is held in Madison, WI


I did find many good buys :) the best deals we got were my half price work coat, 40% off tailored fleece jacket, and Koda's splint boots. We bought lots of other horsey stuff, all at good prices.

Rising Rainbow said...

Richard Winters is a good hand with a horse. I'm not sure if I've seen him in person but I get newsletters from him that are good.