20 daze

Is it possible, 20 days (better said, daze) have passed by so quickly - without a post? Amazing how time flies. Our three horses are doing well, in their royal fuzziness. We haven't done any additional ground work with them, just feeding & hugs. Here are a few misc. horsey snippets of what has transpired since my last post:

- found a random tooth in the hay bunk, everyone is eating fine
- hay is disappearing quickly, we only planned for two but turns out we have four eating with Harmony and the resident pony...
- going through bedding like it's water, unfortunately it costs more
- we are so glad Harmony is with us, our daughter has a new boyfriend
- got my own handy dandy pocket knife from santa, for easy hay bale string removal
- last, but not least - I am already SO excited for Midwest Horse Fair in April!!

A recent photo of our three eating breakfast. Nemo doesn't normally spill, just Koda - who ends up sharing the leftovers (pictured with Harmony).


Kate said...

Nice photos! And please have a safe and happy New Year!

aurora said...

Thanks Kate, hope your having a safe & happy New Years.