seeing double

I get teased because I check on our horses with binoculars. Words like stalker, peeping tom, your obsessed, what are you looking at (duh, the horses) have dissipated and been replaced with chuckles, and the occasional mention of getting me a high power telescope for better viewing. Very funny. It’s brief, it’s random, and it’s harmless.

Is it really that weird anyway? Before you answer that, know that between us and the horses are farm fields – that’s it. Even if you do think it’s weird, I don’t. I love my horses, and I’m mainly checking to make sure the gate remains closed, and as of late that Nemo hasn’t decided to see if he can jump any higher.
Now, if I had regularly scheduled viewing sessions – say, every 30 minutes, with a recliner set-up by the window, in a dark room – that might classify as obsessed. But, it’s far from the case. I'm really just looking, and hoping to see double - safe horses that is. See above, they look fine don't they? So call me what you want, I will continue checking on my horses upon occasion – just hope I don’t stub my toe on the recliner next time ;) jk

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Terri said...

I am ashamed I hadn't thought of this! I even have a pair! Think it's a great idea and may save some steps. Thanks girl!!!