mixing it up

Koda & Nemo had a long break while we were on vacation, instead of throwing new things at them to learn we've spent the past two weeks refreshing - and mixing it up. I was happy to see they didn't forget much. The boys continue working on their cues - some days in the round pen, some in the pasture, with/without a saddle, etc. Brad mixed in wearing protective boots (wish I had those first funny high steps on film) and some desensitizing rope work. We were surprised they were both okay right away with a lasso swinging around/above them. I'm sure the boys aren't too disappointed that we've only managed to get one trailer loading session in recently, that still needs work - it would be dramatic if we had to trailer them anytime soon. We also continue to go on occasional walks, altho not as far - the corn is up and so are the bugs!

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